Our Kindness Projects

Each week we find a new way to spread kindness


The Kindness Dart

Dillon had the big idea to throw a dart at a map to determine the next place he’d try to change a stranger’s life. Watch as he confronts fear, loneliness, and his own sanity. Seriously, he went kinda nuts.

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In 2017 My Childhood Best Friend Was Given 1 Year To Live. I dropped out of college so that we could pursue our bucket list together.

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The King of Trash

Do you want to help break a world record and save the earth at the same time? Join our mission to build the world’s largest trashcan and fill it with litter from your community.

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The Kindness Fund

Each month our community rallies together to invest in the Kindness Fund. Then, we all vote on community suggested ideas to bring the most kindness in the world!

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One List One Life

OneListOneLife is an ongoing project to help cancer patients complete their bucket lists. Watch the joy as their wildest dreams come true.

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Look For The Helpers

Live for Another is plotting a map of kindness to celebrate the helpers during Covid. By filling the map with pictures of people making a positive impact, we hope to make 2020 a little easier.

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