The Kindness Dart

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Liam Leads The Parade

Liam Leads The Parade is a custom children’s book to help inspire Liam during his fight against brain tumors.

Filling a Cemetary with Flowers

In honor of my friend Sahara, who passed away at age 23, I placed a flower at every single gravestone at a nearby cemetery. We had over 600.

As crazy as it sounds, Dillon threw a dart at a map of the United States – he was determined to help a stranger wherever it landed. I’m sure your wondering – where did he end up? Well, spoilers for the above video: Canada. Yea, he is REALLY bad at throwing darts. 

Before leaving, Dillon set some rules. No social media, no phone, No contact with anyone from home…Just complete isolation until he changed a stranger’s life. He wanted to prove that you don’t need to be rich or have a bunch of connections to spread kindness in a new city. Well, the was the idea…but as it turns out, relocating to a random place just to help others is waaay harder than you’d tihnk.

Honestly, the adventure drove him a bit crazy, but it also inspired him to break out of his comfort zone and confront loneliness first hand. His struggle shows how committing to acts of kindness can lead to personal growth….and get you into some hilarious situations.

Watch Dillon battle with himself, overcome his fears, and come up with an amazing way to help those in need.

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