Look For The Helpers

Live for Another is plotting a map of kindness to celebrate the helpers during Covid. By filling the map with pictures of people making a positive impact, we hope to make 2020 a little easier.

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With all the bleak news that has come hand in hand with Covid, we decided to focus on the positives and bring attention to people helping fight the pandemic. We filled a map with photos representing every act of kindness we could find online. Afterward, we interviewed these heroes and learned about their passion for helping others. Listen to inspiring stories from incredible people around the nation and if you feel compelled to take action in your community contact us at (contact email) to get your picture on our map as well. Eventually, we’d like to expand the kindness map to the whole world. So, please share anyone you know who’s fighting for kindness around the globe`

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Live for Another is a social movement about helping others by creating and inspiring creative acts of kindness. The best part? It’s fueled by people like you! 

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