The King of Trash

After trying the #TrashTagChallenge, we did what we do best: take an idea rooted in kindness and take it to the extreme…

Live For Another has declared war on litter, but we need our community to help us build a weapon of trash destruction…The world’s biggest trashcan!  The current world record is held by a measly 15,000-gallon can. That couldn’t even hold the trash in Dillon’s car! So, we’ve designed a 20ft tall, 60,000-gallon behemoth of a trashcan to blow past the previous record.

The plan is to raise awareness about the sheer volume of litter in our environment by bringing our creation around the nation and having the Live For Another community fill it with trash.

This might sound impossible for a bunch of goofy filmmakers to pull off. But luckily, Dillon’s dad happens to run northern California’s largest iron fabrication shop. We already explained the idea to professional contractors, sourced the materials, and have all of the equipment on standby. 

All that’s left is raising $15,000 to fund construction and transportation. That’s why we’re asking our community to invest in and break the world record with us. We plan on involving supporters at every step of the project and documenting the progress until the trashcan is completely full. 

You’re not just another number in the donation pool. Throughout the project, we’re giving supporters the chance to make design choices, pick our clean up route, and fill the can themselves.

Invest in the environment today and get bragging rights that you broke a world record for life 🤗.

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