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Live for Another is a series of stories about helping others through creative acts of kindness. 

The best part? It’s fueled by people like you! Like that time we created the World’s Longest Pay It Forward Chain – 3,700 people bought coffee for the person behind them. 

Recent Kindness Projects


The Kindness Catapult

Like a less funny grinch, Covid stole Halloween. So, we built a medieval war machine to bring it back 🎃



In 2017 My Childhood Best Friend Was Given 1 Year To Live. I dropped out of college so that we could pursue our bucket list together.

In Progress

Children’s Hospital Road Trip

With 15 suitcases in hand, we traveled across the country to donate to as many children’s hospitals as possible in just one week.

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We’re a group of goofy 20-somethings with some wild ideas to spread kindness. Honestly, I don’t even know how we will pull this stuff off.