Bucket List Billboards

We’ve got a big surprise for Lexi. Literally. She’s about to see her face on giant billboards all over town.
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More Kindness Projects

Liam Leads The Parade

Liam Leads The Parade is a custom children’s book to help inspire Liam during his fight against brain tumors.

Filling a Cemetary with Flowers

In honor of my friend Sahara, who passed away at age 23, I placed a flower at every single gravestone at a nearby cemetery. We had over 600.

In 2017, Dillon saw some photos of a stage four cancer patient battling for her life with a smile. He sent her a message and together they started a journey to complete her bucket list. This is number 34, Get on a billboard. Billboards are expensive, we learned that the hard way. But, thanks to the generous investors that make everything we do possible, we got the opportunity to buy every single billboard in town. Millions saw the billboards we designed, no one could drive around the city without seeing Lexi’s face. Watch Lexi react to her smile light up the Sacramento skyline.

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