Are you ready to Live For Another?

A movement fueled by helping others…but we do it differently. 

Who Are We?

Hey, I’m Dillon!

Before Live for Another went massively viral with one of our campaigns, I was just a 16 year old who had started volunteering because I wanted it to look good on college applications…yeah, super embarrassing but it’s true! But once I volunteered at homeless shelters and hospitals it hit me: There were people that needed help, but something was missing. There was a disconnect. They wouldn’t let me, a 16-year old, connect directly with people we were supporting…it drove me nuts! 

That’s the moment I made a life changing decision: I was going to create my own non-profit organization. One where young people like myself could have the opportunity to directly help others. In my case, I love gaming so I thought we’d try to bring video games to kids in the hospital. After grassroots fundraising (I’m talking door to door cake pop sales) we were able to successfully hand deliver our first donations to the people we wanted so badly to help, my first organization, Gamers Gift, was born.

Since starting Gamers Gift in my highschool English class, that organization has raised over $100,000. We’ve provided virtual reality to hundreds of kids in hospitals and people with physical/mental disabilities.


But, it didn’t stop there…

Why Does That Matter?

Gamers Gift was the beginning of my adventure. In 2017, I got a call from my childhood best friend, Chris Betancourt. Chris suffered from Leukemia since childhood and though he had gone into remission previously, his cancer had returned. This time he was given only a year to live.

Chris had one request: make that year as awesome as possible. With that, I decided to drop out of college and do everything I could to help. He may have been given a year to live, but we were going to live it awesomely. I documented the journey and unexpectedly, it went viral. The result? An incredible amount of support from people across the world. Our entire bucket list became a reality. Thanks to our documentary and some celebrity outreach from people like the Rock, we were able to complete one of our biggest dreams: Break a World Record: Over 8,700 potential bone marrow matchups sign ups in one day! Turns out someone who saw our documentary would be the match that saved Chris’ life. He has since entered remission and is living a healthy life.

These incredible adventures led to Live for Another, a movement driven by a deep passion to change the world. I believe in not only helping others, but also involving our contributors in a true sense of community––one where they get to see direct results of their contributions by being a huge part in every step of our awesome projects. Pretty cool, right? Yup, when you join us, you become part of the movement.

You, yes you, help by giving us the ability to make our next big idea possible, like:

  • creating the world’s biggest trashcan to clean up California’s coast
  • Food truck road trip across the country to feed the homeless

Live for Another has changed lives, it can change yours too.