About Us

A movement fueled by helping others…but we do it differently. 

We’re a group of goofy 20-somethings with some wild ideas to spread kindness…

Honestly, I don’t even know how we will pull this stuff off. 

Our Story

In 2017, we launched our very first kindness project: MyBestFriendsList. After my childhood best friend was diagnosed with cancer and given one year to live, I had the big idea of dropping out of college to try and change his life. The story followed our journey to complete our bucket list before he passed, but it took a surprising turn. 

After doing a bunch of rad stuff, like eating breakfast with Danny Devito or doing a backflip in a helicopter, we had the big idea of breaking a world record.

You see, my friend had leukemia, which meant his life was dependent on finding a perfect genetic match to donate their bone marrow. Our idea? Use our filmmaking and social media skills to increase the odds. Yea, we were naive enough to think we could hack biological statistics.

We created a social media campaign to raise awareness for our goal of breaking the world record for most bone marrow donations.

Long story short, we blew that record out of the water. Millions of people saw our story, resulting in 13,000+ bone marrow registry signups. Oh, and one of those people was the life-saving donor my friend needed.

Our social movement led to him beating cancer and living in remission (since 2017). I’m still blown away.

So, what's next?

Since then, my friends and I devote our days to spreading joy through social media and filmmaking. We work on a little thing called Live For Another. Basically, it’s about people from across the world coming up with creative ways to spread kindness. Our community fuels the entire thing.

They continue to show up when we need them most, like creating the world’s longest pay it forward chain. We bought coffee for the person behind us, then asked our community to keep it going. The chain lasted 36 hours.

And the reverse is true as well: we like to hype them up! We’ve received a lot of comments saying things like, “Wow, it’s amazing that you were able to donate to that kid in the hospital!” We responded by inviting some of those people to join us. We asked ten community members for their address, showed up at their door, and brought them into children’s hospitals. We had 15 suitcases full of video games that viewers were able to hand directly to dozens of kids fighting cancer. We covered ten cities in just seven days. 

We know how good it feels to be helped, so now we spread the kindness. Whether you join us in person, or follow along through our documentaries you’re on a journey to Live For Another. 

The Team

Dillon Hill
Director of Astonishment
Joel Bringolf
Cleric of Cinematographical Magic
Drew Bringolf
Stunt Driver
Ben Thornburgh
Post Production Overlord
Max Kuivenhoven
Oxford Comma Destroyer
Kat Flandermeyer
Director of Happiness