Live For Another is our way of showing the world how awesome it can be to to help others.

Who Are We?

Hi, I’m Dillon!

I was attending school at UC Davis as an undergrad in before I dropped out of college to help my childhood friend complete his bucket list. He was given a year to live and I was determined to make our last year as amazing as possible. Spoiler Alert: it was life changing.

We’ve been helping others since highschool…

Though it’s embarrassing to admit, I started volunteering simply because I wanted something good on my college applications. I did a few weeks at a homeless shelter, then a few at a hospital. Something was missing. You see, when you’re a 16 year-old kid most charities don’t let you directly interact with the people they support. That drove me nuts!! Instead of spending some time with the homeless, the volunteers were put in the back to sort through donations. I wanted to learn who these people were. I wanted to spend time with them.

That’s the moment I decided something that changed my life: I was going to create my own non-profit organization. Instead of paying attention to my highschool English class (sorry Ms Shaw!) I was googling ‘how to create a non-profit’. 

…By Using Our Passion

The idea was simple: I wanted to create an organization that gave young people like myself the opportunity to help others. Since I love video games, I thought we’d try to bring video games to kids in the hospital. We filled out all the paperwork, then got started by selling cake pops door-to-door. Actually, that’s how we raised our first $100, which allowed to make our very first donation.

Let me tell ya, there’s nothing quite like handing hours worth of joy to a hospitalized kid. Seeing their smile can make you forget about all the craziness that happens in life. That organization, Gamers Gift, has since raised over 100,000 for kids in the hospital.

Everything changed in college.

In 2017 my childhood friend called me with some tough news: his cancer was back. He had a year to live. 

I didn’t like the idea of sitting in a lecture hall knowing I might never see him again, so I made the decision to quite school so that we could make our last year together as awesome as possible. 

After our community helped us cross off 50+ bucket list items…we broke the world record for the most bone marrow donor signups in one day. 

One of the people who signed up ended up being a donor for Chris: his cancer is gone.