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Liam Leads The Parade

Liam Leads The Parade is a custom children’s book to help inspire Liam during his fight against brain tumors.

Filling a Cemetary with Flowers

In honor of my friend Sahara, who passed away at age 23, I placed a flower at every single gravestone at a nearby cemetery. We had over 600.

Bucket List Billboards

We’ve got a big surprise for Lexi. Literally. She’s about to see her face on giant billboards all over town.

OneListOneLife began when Dillon’s childhood friend, Chris, was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given one year to live. When Dillon heard the news, he dropped out of school to give Chris the best year of his life. He was determined to complete Chris’s bucket list.

They met celebrities, back flipped out of a helicopter, and had a massive pillow fight. Even so, they never anticipated how wild the adventure would get…

In an effort to break the world record for bone marrow donation sign-ups, they started the “LemonsforLeukemia” campaign. By challenging their community to bite into raw lemons, they rose awareness for the need for bone marrow donors. This campaign inspired millions and they destroyed the previous world record with over 13,000 sign-ups in a single day, which resulted in 19 cancer patients finding a life-saving donor. One of those people was Chris, who has been living in remission ever since. 

The success of this viral campaign left them with a community dedicated to spreading kindness. When Chris’s bucket list was complete, Live for Another harnessed the momentum of Lemons for Leukemia and started OneListOneLife to help cancer patients just like Chris.

After seeing a photo of a young-women fighting stage-four cancer with a huge smile, Dillon reached out to see if she had a bucket list. Months later, the Live for Another community set out to make Lexi’s every dream come true.

Lexi finally got to travel. She saw the beach for the first time and explored Yosemite national park. Dillon contacted her favorite content creators and she spent an entire day hanging out with them. The Live For Another community organized the fashion show of her dreams (and of Dillon’s nightmares). One bucket list item was to visit a children’s hospital, which inspired our Children’s Hospital Road Trip

Thanks to our passionate community, Lexi’s bucket list is nearly complete and only has a few massive dreams left  to fulfill. But we didn’t stop with Lexi

The Live for Another community is the sole reason we’ve been able to do so much for these cancer patients. Everything we do is crowdfunded, so we need your support to keep making progress on these bucket lists! 

Join the community that makes dreams come true by investing in kindness.

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Live for Another is a social movement about helping others by creating and inspiring creative acts of kindness. The best part? It’s fueled by people like you! 

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