The Kindness Catapult

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It’s probably been a long time since someone launched a trebuchet at an unsuspecting neighborhood, and definetely the first time someone did it for a good cause.

The pandemic has spoiled Halloween for children around the world, forcing them to sit inside dreaming bags full of candy…That’s where a catapult comes in. Live for Another wanted to give kids the best Halloween imaginable, but at a safe distance.

That’s why we hand-designed a medieval siege catapult to bring Halloween back to those who need it most. The mission was to use a trebuchet to launch candy directly to front doors, a kind of reverse trick-or-treating.
Don’t worry, we ran some tests to make sure it was safe…. then we ran some more……then we launched a sack of candy at Dillon’s head. Ok, we just loved shooting this thing but you’ll understand why once you see how awesome it is! 

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Live for Another is a social movement about helping others by creating and inspiring creative acts of kindness. The best part? It’s fueled by people like you! 

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