The Homeless Heist

Meet the Wildcard, the Technician, and the Mastermind. Three of Sacramento’s most notorious criminals. Recently, Live for Another has convinced them to use their expertise in crime for something kind. Robbing thrift stores to give clothes to those in need. 

I know what you’re thinking. Why are they doing this and how did they pull it off? Only a therapist could figure out the first question, but the second is easy. Pure cunning.

They used specialized hacking cards to plunder thrift stores and escape with arms full of clothes in under 10 minutes.

Yes, they almost lost a few good men, but the danger was worth it when they saw the smiles of everyone they helped.

Spreading kindness doesn’t have to be boring. Although we got pretty ridiculous with this video, we ended up donating a minivan full of clothes to a homeless shelter.  Check it out, but please, don’t tell the cops.

Watch The Story Unfold 👇

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