Our Story

A movement fueled by helping others…but we do it differently. 

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More Kindness Projects

Liam Leads The Parade

Liam Leads The Parade is a custom children’s book to help inspire Liam during his fight against brain tumors.

Filling a Cemetary with Flowers

In honor of my friend Sahara, who passed away at age 23, I placed a flower at every single gravestone at a nearby cemetery. We had over 600.

Bucket List Billboards

We’ve got a big surprise for Lexi. Literally. She’s about to see her face on giant billboards all over town.

So, what's next?

My friends and I devote our days to spreading joy through a little thing called Live For Another. Basically, it’s all about a community coming together to spread kindness across the globe. We want to make helping others exciting and accessible. 

Our community always shows up when we need them, like creating the world’s longest pay it forward chain. We bought coffee for the person behind us, then asked our community to keep it going. It lasted 36 hours! 

And the reverse is true as well: we like to hype them up! We’ve received a lot of comments saying things like, “Wow, it’s amazing that you were able to donate to that kid in the hospital!” We responded by inviting some of those people to join us. We asked ten community members for their address, showed up at their door, and brought them into children’s hospitals. We had 15 suitcases full of video games that our community members handed directly to dozens of kids fighting cancer. We covered ten cities in just seven days. 

Whether you join us in person, invest in kindness, or simply watch our documentaries…you’re on a journey to Live For Another. 

The Team

Dillon Hill
Director of Astonishment
Joel Bringolf
Cleric of Cinematographical Magic
Drew Bringolf
Stunt Driver
Ben Thornburgh
Post Production Overlord