Kindness Cookie

What’s special about these cookies:

🤗 Easy way to compliment your friends, partner or strangers

😊 Every time someone gets a cookie, we do an act of kindness for a stranger

😱 Spread kindness in a fun and surprising way

🎥 We’ll send a video to show the impact you’ve made

👚 Manufactured and shipped in the US

Each order comes with 1 mystery cookies filled with compliments and kindness 🙂


Live for Another is an unstoppable community of kindness fueled by people like you.

By purchasing a t-shirt or sticker, we come together for remarkable acts of kindness! Like that time we created the World’s Longest Pay It Forward Chain – 3,700 people bought coffee for the person behind them. 

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We’re a group of goofy 20-somethings that use your help to spread kindness.