Look For The Helpers

Live for Another is plotting a map of kindness to celebrate the helpers during Covid. By filling the map with pictures of people making a positive impact, we hope to make 2020 a little easier.

I created my own fashion show

Kindness 𝘐𝘯 𝘚𝘡𝘺𝘭𝘦

We organized an entire fashion show just so Lexi could design some epic outfits and walk the runway. Can Lexi finally make Dillon fashionable?

Bucket List Billboards

We’ve got a big surprise for Lexi. Literally. She's about to see her face on giant billboards all over town.

The Homeless Heist

Live for Another put together a crew of hardened criminals to rob thrift stores and donate the loot. Will they escape the law or wind up behind bars?

The Kindness Dart

Dillon had the big idea to throw a dart at a map to determine the next place he'd try to change a stranger's life. Watch as he confronts fear, loneliness, and his own sanity. Seriously, he went kinda ...

The Kindness Catapult

Like a less funny grinch, Covid stole Halloween. So, we built a medieval war machine to bring it back πŸŽƒ


In 2017 My Childhood Best Friend Was Given 1 Year To Live. I dropped out of college so that we could pursue our bucket list together.