One List One Life is now Live For Another.

New name, same mission.

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What is Live For Another?

You might recognize ‘One List One Life’ as the video series about helping cancer patients achieve their bucket lists. We’re still doing that, but…

Now we are helping more than just cancer patients. Live For Another is a documentary series about helping other people in fun, unique, and exciting ways. Looking for an update on Chris? Visit here.

Here's what that means...

In April 2019 we started One List One Life with the goal of helping cancer patients…we succeeded! Thanks to your help we’ve achieved nearly 40 bucket list items for Stage 4 cancer patients…

But that experienced helped us realize there are MORE ways to help people! We changed our name to reflect that mission: to tell stories about our journey to make the world a better place!

This photo is from our first documentary since our change to Live For Another: we traveled across the country donating video games to kids in the hospital

Our Dream

With our videos, we hope to use the power of social media to inspire people to take action to make the world a better place.

Our biggest dream is to be able to tell amazing perspectives to our audience and see them rally together to make a huge difference. 

Looking for an update on Chris? Visit here.