Liam’s Kindness Box

I saw an email come in: ‘Kelly ordered a Kindness T-shirt’. I packed it up, wrote a thank-you note, and sent it along…

Then, a few days later – I got another email. It was Kelly explaining how our Kindness Projects inspired her and she wanted to buy a shirt in honor of her son Liam. This little kiddo is 7 years old, nonverbal autistic, and fighting off some brain tumors. Even more, the pandemic has meant Liam and the family has been in a strict medical quarantine for 420 days.

As we’ve all learned discovered, that kind of isolation can really weigh down on someone. So, this Kindness Project is all about creating human connection and kindness for Liam, Kelly, and the rest of the family. I’ll be sending a Kindness Care Package, and I’d like your help.

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Liam loves Mickey Mouse (as you can probably tell by that cute photo). So, this gift box will be filled with Mickey Mouse goodies. 

But, I’d like to show Liam how much we care about him by including as many notes of kindness as possible.

Fill out this form to include your name and words of kindness in Liam’s Gift Box. 

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Live for Another is a series of stories about helping others through creative acts of kindness. 

The best part? It’s fueled by people like you! Like that time we created the World’s Longest Pay It Forward Chain – 3,700 people bought coffee for the person behind them.